Who we are & what we do

Mrs. Hansa Roy is a geo-scientist, tending to the stray dogs of the city of Baroda, Gujarat, India for the past eighteen years, through personal finances. Every day, travelling for about 50 kilometres, covering 70 odd different locations (each spot combed by her, befriending dogs through feeding to have 100% sterilisation and rabies-free zones), more than two hundred stray dogs (all sterilised and vaccinated against rabies) await her, to be fed one nutritious meal in a clean bowl, have their medical needs looked after and get the love and dignity they so deserve. Each of the dogs has a name they identify themselves with, and a compelling heroic story of their own.

Teaser to the documentary on their beloved canines on the streets and at home to raise awareness for the cause.

Dr. Kuhu Roy is a nutritionist with a passion for research on non-alcoholic fatty liver. Senior stray dogs, who have been looked after by her on the roads, come home when the streets get cold and cruel for survival. She believes in turning them into joyous overgrown pups with frosted faces in their twilight period. She takes up the pressing matters related to animal welfare that are also intricately linked with human welfare, with the authorities and is a staunch believer in Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme, that helps improve the lives of stray dogs, their caregivers and the community.

Their home has been a permanent residence for rescued stray dogs (sterilised and vaccinated); Butter, Matalu, Chamgi, Guchguch, Georgina, Jalebi, Tweeky, Orange, Sundae, Ronaldo, Natasha, Chotu Don, Venus, Fruit Laali, Ghoplu, Chhutki, Tri, Ascites Rani, Sheru, Stephanie, Bhaalu, Delma, Distemper, Disco, Kaniya, Christopher, Rapunzel, Jammy, Zenobia, Dixa Babu, Kaalu Mama, Baldev, Mallika, White Collar, Alisha and Chinki. Especially Georgina, a rescued dog from Mumbai, had the most instrumental role to play as the disciplinarian, nurse cum therapy dog of the house. Wonder, a rescued Desi dog from the Udaipur railway station, who although belonged to a family friend, was an integral part of their lives and home. 

In these eighteen years, Mrs. Hansa Roy and Dr. Kuhu Roy have filed more than hundred police cases and have provided guidance to others too. They attend Court hearings related to the animal cruelty cases filed by them. They have been able to touch more than a couple of thousands of canine lives on the streets who have been and are being cared for their entire lifetime (have combed areas for humanely containing stray dog population through sterilisation, creating rabies free zones, treating minor ailments and injuries on the roads itself to taking care of major ailments under the guidance of private vets).

Both crave for strict animal laws that should be reflective of progress in keeping with today’s world and digitisation of the Animal Birth Control Programme. They strive for a society and a system that learns to peacefully coexist with strays and nature, to live and let live. 

Please note, they do not run an NGO, or a shelter/foster home/kennel.