Bridging Rainbows anticipatory grief support group

Welcome to the Bridging Rainbows anticipatory grief support group!

If you are here, it is likely that the time your are left with your companion animal is unfortunately very limited. We feel your pain. A sudden diagnosis of a terminal illness of our beloved companion animal (whether homed or un-homed) throws our world upside down. There is shock, denial, disbelief and the we try to figure out what we can do to prolong the life of our companion animal whose days with us are numbered. We bargain, we try to reason out, we do all in our capacity for a miracle to happen. It is foolish to say we will prepare ourselves for the loss, but the reality is, we never can. Anticipatory grief of impending loss of companion animals is a terrible feeling that so many of us go through. While we cannot undo what is written in destiny, we certainly can come together in the hour of need to give you the strength you need to make the most of the time you are left with your companion animal.

To join the anticipatory grief support group, please write at or contact us using the form. Please do mention your name and also the context in regard to which you would like to attend the anticipatory grief support group meeting.

The anticipatory grief support group meetings (a first of its kind in India) will be held every third Sunday of the month at 2030 hours Indian Standard Time (IST). We bridge time zones too, so you are most welcome to join us from any corner of the world. We stand united together with you.

No one ever should suffer in silence!


  1. Participation is free of cost, as it is a social service in honour of beloved Butter.

2. A maximum of six participants will be considered for one meet.

3. No racist, religious, casteist, sexist and political content will be entertained, failing which you will be barred from participating in any of the activities of ‘Bridging Rainbows.’

4. ‘Bridging Rainbows’ expects from its participants to maintain confidentiality about the conversations that take place in the support group meeting.

5. The founders of Bridging Rainbows, moderators and the participants will only be responsible for their views and actions and not for anyone else.

6. Please obtain parental consent for participation if you are aged under 18 years.


Dr. Kuhu Roy, Co-founder Bridging Rainbows


Disclaimer: The contents published in Bridging Rainbows are not a substitute to professional help. Kindly reach out to a mental health professional, without any shame and delay, if you need further assistance in coping. Please read our disclaimer policy in detail.

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