By Dr. Kuhu Roy

Today, Baldev completes a year at his home.

Right from the time he was born (his mother Karappi came under our care on the streets when she was found heavily pregnant) in 2009, the handsome fellow had very little to do with food and all he needed was love. He covered all three locations in that area with us, in half a kilometer radius. The resident dogs of those locations knew he came visiting with us and all that he did was sniff the flowers, mark territory, flirt with the females for a while and then escort us back as though we depended on his guidance for the route. He loved his freedom to roam around and we hardly ever found him sitting at one place.

Life does play cruel jokes and more so with stray dogs. On the morning of 9th November 2021, he was lying on the side of the road. There was no recognition for me. There was no external injury but his spine was damaged. The brutal hit and run took away his freedom to walk and run but I am grateful his life was spared atleast. Since then, I have the proud privilege to be Baldev’s mobile unit.

However, it does not end there. The lingering question is, why was Bladev crippled for life? Why are there scores of innocents like Baldev who are mercilessly run down every day? What happens to these hit and run victims? They are darted off to a shelter to live the most miserable life one can ever fathom. How many paralysed stray dogs get a home? Can’t we drive with a little kindness?  Give animals a BRAKE. 

If you want to become a part of the ‘Give animals a BRAKE‘ campaign, write to us at

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