By Dr. Kuhu Roy

Imagine, you are an outdoor person who is constantly on the move and all of a sudden someone runs you down that leaves you crippled for life. More than a physiological dent, it is a psychological blow. 

Baldev with his best friend, jammy, basking in the winter sun

Baldev was rescued and brought home on a chilly winter morning of 2020 when he was lying stunned on the side of a road. His spine was damaged but fortunately, there were no other internal injuries. 

Baldev was demoralized to the core. Even a cart did not help, he just did not want to walk. In the subsequent three months, I had to take a break between work, house chores, looking after other children, to sit exclusively with him to make him happy. Dogs, especially strays, are very self respecting and self reliant, they hate dependency of any unnecessary sort. My Baldev belongs to that tribe. 

After months of efforts, there finally came a time that this giant of a dog started to love moving around on my lap. It became a daily practice thereon. His eyes glitter and his face glows when the two of us move about the house together. Baldev understands that there is a lot to life. An accident could not kill his spirit for life. Infact, his personality commands so much respect that he is the leader of the pack to the other eight children at home. His day begins with disciplining Zenobia, the young rebel. Given the outdoor person he always was, he sits in the open space where he is able to see the sky, trees and birds of all kind, enjoys the company of his best friend, Jammy, and returns to his bed after spending a fruitful day, happily tired.  

We all do favouritism. Baldev is my hero son who has embraced life with such grace. He inspires. My fingers are crossed as his blood reports are awaited because he suddenly lost his appetite. Given his senior age, I just cannot take risk of delaying any diagnosis. Baldev is my life. 

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