By Dr. Kuhu Roy

Thank you, Times of India, for featuring Bridging Rainbows yet again!

Bridging Rainbows will turn one year old in less than a fortnight from now and what a roller coaster journey it has been. We wish more power and strength to our tribe, all those of you who have helped us to bring equality, remove the stigma surrounding the loss of a companion animal and start talking about social validation of the timeless and sacred human-animal bond. Profound emotional attachment always translates to profound grief at the loss of companion animals (strays as well as pets). We are still learning how complex and layered the grief surrounding the loss of an animal companion is and that there is no one size fits all technique to address this compound grief.

Good mental health is about opening up. There is no better way to heal but to engage in more kindness and compassion. Then, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what.

Our support group meetings, a first in India, are held every second and fourth Sunday of the month. You are most welcome to join in at any point and from any corner of the world. No one should ever suffer in silence. Write to us at

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