By Nilang Rindani

I want to pen a heartfelt message to my Ceaser, when he is about to leave us for further journey to heaven.


Ceizu, you have given us your life of 16 years to us with all the selfless, unconditional and pure love to me and everyone out there in the family. Even though you couldn’t speak, you conveyed everything you wanted to tell us. Just because of you, we learnt the lesson, how one can love unconditionally and deep without any motive. You are the best creation of God ever. It was you only who gave us an opportunity to perform parenthood. We learnt from you how to grow up kids.

4th December, 2004……you were brought to this world and we were lucky enough to have you just after 15 days of your arrival in this world. Till then, you haven’t missed a single chance to provide us immense happiness in our lives. It was only because of you, Ceizu that Prarthan, your younger brother came into our life. Its only because of you that we are eating fruits of success in our life. Ceaser beta, we are indebted to you. During these 16 years of your stay at our home, I can’t say that we have cleared your debts, we have simply tried to cover, still we aren’t, and we won’t be able to now.

Ceaser, you are very small in size, even after reaching the oldest age, but in terms of spreading love and happiness in our home, you are incomparably very tall. We, the human beings will never ever be able to achieve this.

My mummy and your grandmother always use to call you my “Hanuman”, as you had a habit of sitting at my foot. Even I remember, you were always sleeping at night near my legs. Its quite painful to remember all these at this juncture, beta……my fingers shivers, my eyes going wet, my heart is under terrible pain by writing all these memories, but this is just and just to convey you beta that we also love you lots and will throughout our life. You are the eldest son of ours and will always remain.

When I am still writing this, you are undergoing a process of leaving this world and we pray that you should encounter least of the pain as God has and has to be kind to you. Because we love you, we don’t want you to be in pain. Some other world is waiting for you to welcome, wherein you can spread love and happiness there also.

Ceaser, I rest my pen by conveying you that we all love and respect you……………….

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