Chhutki came home on the 16th of February, 2016, as a four-month-old rescued pup who was about to be killed at the hands of notorious hostel wardens. Her homecoming was shortly after Fruit Laali arrived, a senior street dog who came home for hospice care after being diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Chhutki brought the puppy days back for Fruit Laali. The two played together like siblings, and she made the last leg of the transition to hereafter very smooth for Fruit Laali. Then, Chhutki found an adoptive mother and father in Orange and Tweeky, respectively, who were abused rescued street dogs from Mumbai. She also found her school at home in Georgina, an untrained but gifted nurse dog, rescued from the streets of Mumbai. Chhutki learned from Georgina the art to care for the needy who came home.

She took the responsibility on herself to continue the legacy of her adoptive family. Chhutki is our biggest blessing who tends to all, humans and canines, a reflection of Georgina. She has been by the side of every canine member we have lost at home. While every child who has adopted our home has contributed in their own unique ways for what our abode stands for, Chhutki has taken it a step forward. She raised an orphan rescued pup, Zenobia and is a proud mom now to her adoptive daughter. Chhutki maintains discipline while I am not around and echoes my feelings through her actions. If not for her, to continue bringing the needy home would just not be possible. We are very lucky to have her.

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