Children’s compassion corner

Children mean innocence. They are as pure as the unconditional love of an animal, warmth of nature, and that is why they connect. This Children’s Day onwards, the 14th of November, 2021, Bridging Rainbows is proud to introduce a Children’s Compassion Corner. We welcome stories, sketches, pictures and poems about;

  1. Children growing up with an at home or an on the streets animal companion
  2. Attempts and activities as a parent, neighbour, teacher or a grandparent to sensitize and instill compassion in children towards animals and nature
  3. First memory as a child when you started caring for an animal or a bird or a tree
  4. An episode or a person who moulded you to think about animals and nature

Write to us at and help shape and inspire the compassionate youth of tomorrow.

Dr. KUHU ROY WITH her DEEGU in 1993