By Dr. Kuhu Roy & Mrs. Hansa Roy

When Chinki, a super senior, was rescued four days ago, she was hypoglycemic, hypothermic, anemic coupled with low platelets, had an infection and was unconscious. It felt like a losing battle for four straight days with sleepless nights as her small feeds were timed for every three hours. After mammoth efforts, the gums and tongue are nice pink, she is able to get up on her own, she wants to eat. Although it is very long road to recovery, we are hopeful of a good blood picture in the coming week. The best part, she is showing me eyes if I am trying to assist her. Chinki is a strong woman who is resentful of her dependence on others. She reminds me of Delma. She is our new miracle child and also the new grand old lady of the house.   

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