By Anjali Saini

Dear Lovely People,

I am penning down my Coco’s (a little yet brave kitten) story, how she inspired me to live the life fullest and never give up.

Last year during the lockdown, I came across with a stray cat named Glory, she gave birth to 3 beautiful kittens on my neighbor’s terrace.  After few weeks I came to know this when I heard crying of little kittens. Since then, I started feeding them and made sure that they are safe.

My neighbors tried to stop me not to feed them, but I didn’t listen anyone & continued my work. Kittens grew up and they used to explore the world, went down to the ground floor, and then came back to the terrace for nights.

One day I came to know that 2 of them are dead because dog attacked them. I was heartbroken and prayed for the 3rd kitten safety. After few days one my friends from the neighborhood called me that a kitten was attacked by a dog, and she is unable to walk. I immediately went to the spot and saw my Coco was lying helplessly at one of my neighbor’s homes who saved her from the dog. I immediately visited her to the Vet, got her Xray done, according to Vet she got her nerve damage, and her back body is paralyzed because of that attack, suggested me to come alternate for the injections to strengthen the nerve.

Coco, The brave kitten

I kept her with me. 2 days she was in this trauma but after that she was full of life and played here and there on her 2 legs, seemed she accepted her condition and ready to go with it. I was really amazed to notice this.

I used to take care of her hoping that she will be alright one day and will start walking, running soon like a normal kitten as I saw improvement in her legs, now her legs shake and she tried to get up on 4 legs and she kept on trying this.

But after around 4.5 months she suddenly stopped eating, I rushed to the Vet, her body temperature was low, but Vet assured me she will be alright and asked me to visit again for the checkup. The next day when I woke up in the morning, I saw my beautiful little kitten left me. I still miss her and always be, she taught me never give up and keep on trying no matter how hard the situation is. She really made me a better person.

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