Shri AB Gor, IAS,

DM & Collector, Vadodara

Collector Office, Kothi Building, Raopura, Vadodara

Shri Dilip Kumar Rana, IAS,

Municipal Commissioner, Vadodara

Vadodara Municipal Corporation, Khanderao Market Building, Vadodara-390209


Sub: Continuation of shoddy practices at the Animal Birth Control Unit run by Yash Domestic Research Foundation at Khatamba, Vadodara

This is in continuation of my appeal to look into the shoddy practices of the Yash Domestic Research Foundation (YDRF) which is one of the agencies conducting Animal Birth Control (ABC) in Baroda. In addition to inhuman practices against stray dogs brought to their facility, if news from insiders is to be believed, no antibiotics or anti-rabies vaccines are given. Stray dogs are dying and a brutal one at that. The malpractices of YDRF are in GROSS VIOLATION OF ANIMAL BIRTH CONTROL (ABC) RULES, 2023.

The YDRF had been blacklisted in the past for their wrongdoings and reinstated for reasons best known to authorities, but their malpractices continue as there is no one to keep a check on them.

For ABC to be successful, every stray dog picked up has to be returned back in a hale and hearty condition post surgery and recuperation to the precise place they were picked up from.

Community involvement is negative as calls for dog disposal are being entertained.

Unfortunately, their actions are counterproductive. We have no right to point fingers at ABC Rules if they are not being implemented at all. The newly notified ABC 2023 Rules appear again only to be on paper, as there is no monitoring.

This is an urgent appeal to look into their affairs.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Hansa Roy

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