By Dr. Kuhu Roy

Two years ago, when I was changing Disco’s diaper, I told her, “You know, Disco, I have always wanted to tell you, whenever your time comes, it could be any day, I know, I am prepared for it. I would want you to transition peacefully to the other world. It won’t be easy for me, but I will not be able to see you in pain and suffering. You have given me thirteen golden years of your life and what an honour it has been to serve you every single moment at home for the past eight months. There is unmatched peace every time I feed you from my hand, lift you so that you can relieve, change your diapers that I learned to make on my own, clean you and wrap you up before calling it a day is the most beautiful part of our time together.” Disco wagged her tail and drifted off to sleep. How could anyone be so positive towards life when death could come any day, any moment? I had never seen such a happy bed ridden dog with such a terrific zest for life.


It was our last day together, two years ago. Before she left the next morning, I selfishly made her do a promise, to be back to give me company in my old age.

When we bring home a senior, the time we have with them is limited, but we can make the most of it by giving them all the happiness they deserve in the world. There is no greater joy than tending to a senior in their twilight period.

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