By Kuhu Roy

chhutki and ghoplu

Ghoplu came home to us in December 2015. He was a month old then and a brutal run down that had left his lower body paralysed is what brought him home to us. His spine was affected and hence there was no hope. To put him down would have been an easy way out, but to allow him to live and give him a second chance, a tedious but a worth it opportunity. We, obviously, chose latter. Much of his early childhood days were spent in recovery and recuperation.


We religiously followed him up on nerve tonics, calcium, vitamin D and good quality protein. Above all, he found adoptive parents in Tweeky and Orange and a partner in crime in Chhutki.

tweeky, ghoplu, kaniya

It took Ghoplu one year to be up on his feet. He is a runner now that no one ever can catch. The best part, he is getting to live his childhood once again in the company of Zenobia, a motherless pup.

ghoplu and zenobia

Our home is a true reflection of a family that believes in ties beyond blood being as strong.

ghoplu with his adoptive parents

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