By Kuhu Roy

Give animals a brake campaign is also onground in nature, with stickers and posters available for the same. You are not required to pay a single penny for either of it, just your passion and dedication is enough to fuel the campaign. Kind souls from across India have volunteered their support to the campaign by being its voice. They all are helping our baby grow one step at a time.

Other than being run in Baroda, the campaign has set its foot in New Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram, Bangalore and recently reached Trivandrum. Mr. Balachandran V was very kind to write a few words about the campaign, “This poster is designed and distributed freely among those have concern for animal lives. Roadkills are rampant in Kerala; dogs and cats in the highways, wildlife in the hilly regions. Do visit and be a part of this noble initiative. No donations/ contributions; only your love and commitment to a better world.”

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