By Dr. Kuhu Roy & Mrs. Hansa Roy

Animal road hits are a matter of global concern. On ‘World Animal Road Accident Awareness Day’ pledge to ‘Give Animals A Brake,’ a campaign (on-ground and online), aimed at reducing animal road accidents and mishaps through sensitization, awareness and action – A Bridging Rainbows Initiative, launched on the 11th of January, 2022. The day also marked the beginning of the ‘Road Safety Week’ in India.

‘give animals a brake’

Small acts of kindness, like avoiding talking on the phone while driving and driving at a speed that allows one to timely and safely brake to save an animal as well as a human’s life matters, a lot.

Simply dedicating one day in the entire year to raise awareness about animal road hits is not going to bring change. The message to give animals a brake has to be reinforced time and again, from all those who can.

Henceforth, Mondays will be dedicated to sharing the stories of animals, who have either lost their lives in an accident or are crippled for life, hoping the world be a little kind to their tribe.

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Write at to become a part of the campaign.


Dr. Kuhu Roy and Mrs. Hansa Roy

Ms. Gitanjali Rao, animation film maker and Mr. KK Muralidharan, production designer, are the creative mind behind the creation of the logo for the campaign, another selfless service from their end (pro-bono) for Bridging Rainbows.

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