Give Animals a BRAKE – A road safety campaign

Ms. gitanjali rao, campaign ambassador

Welcome to ‘Give Animals A Brake,’ a global traffic awareness campaign aimed at reducing animal (wildlife and strays) road accidents and mishaps through compassion, sensitization, awareness and action – A Bridging Rainbows Initiative, launched on the 11th of January, 2022. The day also marked the beginning of the ‘Road Safety Week’ in India.

For the on-ground campaign, we have STICKERS for your vehicles. POSTERS for workplace, clinics and educational institutions notice boards, in addition to Hindi and English, are also available now in Bengali, Malayalam and Gujarati. Write to us at asking for one!


Give animals a brake stickers and posters

Take part in the online campaign, please sign and share the petition in your network!

  • Share your appeal to ‘Give Animals a Brake’ and share on your social media handles using the hashtags #giveanimalsabrake #trafficawarenesscampaign #roadsafetyforstreetanimals #bridgingrainbows.
  • Volunteer to re-inforce the message to ‘Give Animals a Brake’ by sharing a video/picture for the ongoing campaign.
  • Share the stories of road hit animal victims, survivors and your experience as to why we need to give animals a brake.

Do you want to hop in to take the movement ahead? The campaign is open for dynamic caring souls, Traffic police, Corporate Houses, NGOs, vehicle production companies, who want to give the cause a push, regardless of the city, State or country, as animal road hits are a matter of global concern. Write to us as at

One of the easiest means to reduce the incidence of animal road hits, especially of the stray dogs and feral cats is by containing their population humanely, through their timely sterilisation, our first and foremost responsibility not only as an animal lover, but also as a responsible citizen. When their numbers are humanely contained, there are lesser number of vulnerable lives on the roads. PLEASE DO SPAY/NEUTER ALL THE STREET ANIMALS YOU CARE FOR. It will be the greatest service to them and mankind.

Thank you for your valuable support.

We count on you for making the mission a success. Let our roads become safe for animals too.


Dr. Kuhu Roy

Mrs. Hansa Roy

Credits: Ms. Gitanjali Rao, Animation Film Maker and Mr. KK Muralidharan, Production Designer, are the creative mind behind the creation of the logo for the campaign, another selfless service from their end (pro-bono) for Bridging Rainbows.

We are grateful to you Mr. V. Balachandran from Trivandrum, Ms. Sandhya Chokshi from Baroda, Mrs. Rachana Sen from Noida for voluntarily translating the ‘Give Animals a BRAKE’ poster content to Malayalam, Gujarati and Bengali, respectively.

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