By Kuhu Roy

Rapunzel, a super senior dog, lived most of her life on the streets – 15 years. Rapunzel was as much loved and cared for by my mother all the while she lived on the roads. She never had pups as she was spayed on time and vaccinated against rabies too. Engaging in spay/neuter, as I repeatedly mention in my post, is our first and foremost responsibility not only as an animal lover, but also as a responsible citizen.

Come what may, any weather, there wouldn’t go a day when Maa and her would not meet. It was not just a brief meeting to feed, but to let her know that she is loved and cared for.

Rapunzel came home to us when the streets became cold and cruel for survival. That is the story of most of the senior dogs, senior stray dogs, to be more precise.

She adjusted at home in no time. Strays do that, because they have never known the comforts of home, having a roof over their head. With home-coming she got more love, respect, dignity, two square meals a day and above all, she had a family of her own, none of whom are related to her by blood. She and us had no idea that she would go onto become the adoptive Gran to Zenobia, a rescued motherless pup. Like an indulgent GrandMa, Rapunzel grooms and talks to Zenobia and she goes to nudge her gran every now and then for pampering.

Zenobia checkng on gran rapunzel

Rapunzel, who is 16+, is not doing well. The vet is due to examine her tomorrow once again. We are hoping she pulls through, for the sake of her adoptive grand daughter who loves her to the moon and back. The ties beyond blood are beautiful and our children at home reflect that time and again.

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