By Dr. Kuhu Roy

Handsome’s canter

Handsome. That is the name I had given to this once chirpy child way back in 2008 when he became a part of our extended family on the roads along with his month old siblings and mother. His greeting style, as captured in this video, was unique. From a pup to a handsome cool dude to a gracefully aging senior, for every single day he was a precious part of our life, until 1st May, 2023 when he was mercilessly run down by a car. He dragged himself in the sweltering noon temperatures after the hit and collapsed, that is what the local men informed. The lingering thought is, did Handsome deserve to die writhing in pain? Why is there so much apathy? Fifteen years of love and life and this is the end we met with. 

If you feel the pain of Handsome’s brutal passing, please do your part. Please sign and share the petition.

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