Happy home-coming day, Kaanu, the dog who has given our home a vision to live.

It has been three years today that a one eyed dog with just half his lower jaw came home and took home by storm to show how able he is. With time, his vision in the other eyes is completely gone but he is a supremely confident dog. He knows the number of steps he is supposed to take to move around the house or go out in the open. About half his lower jaw not being there, he will not settle for soft food but only want dog food to chew at his own pace.

We do not become superior in anyway if we sympathize or pity with what constitutes a disability as per our perception. When they go blind, we should just not turn a blind eye to them. Blind dogs like Kaanu deserve as much a chance of homing to let their personalities flower, to let them be who they really are.


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