By Dr. Kuhu Roy


Senior (all of them rescued as strays) dogs have ruled our home for years!

These precious frosted faces, all rescued stray dogs have lighted up our home over the years. They left their past behind and gave us the opportunity to give them a second chance at life. Once you bring home a senior dog, tending to them becomes a habit. That said, doing so is never a burden, but rather a privilege. They are the biggest blessing and the best companion animals one can ever have.

Senior members in the collage; Tri came when he was 15+, Guchi (cancer survivor) 13+, Matalu (blind) 14+, Georgina (a gifted nurse dog) 12+, Jalebi (known for his zest for life despite his underlying health condition) 11+, Tweeky and Orange (both were misunderstood dogs) 11+, Sundae (renal failure) 13+, Sheru (accident victim) 12+, Bhaalu (age related cardiomyopathy) 15+, Christopher (road hit victim) 12+, Delma (was ousted from her location) 14+, Disco (was ousted from her location) 14+, Kaniya (blind and has no lower jaw) 12+, Rani (end stage liver failure) 11+, Rapunzel (was ousted from her location) 15+, Dixa Babu (blind) 15+, Fruit Laali (terminal ovarian cancer) 12+, Kaalu Mama (fatally injured) 12+, Baldev (road hit victim) 13+, Mallika (pulmonary failure) 13+ and White Collar (blind) 14+.

The collage has been prepared by Ms. Shrdha Singh from Gurgaon who is the proud aunt of all these senior children and a dog mom herself to Ms. Mary Lou (aka Dr. Maria Lopez Gomez), Mr. Floof, Mr. Doughboy, Boris, Lalooo, Pachchiee and Sloothie.

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  1. Fantastic work sradha singh…. Love the way you take care of them. You inspire us to be good humans. Action speaks louder than words! Love love the collage… Look at their innocent naughty faces😍❤

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