By Dr. Kuhu Roy

Are we not tired of history repeating itself one run down after the other? We demand a long sought change, to include message of compassion towards animals while driving under road safety in India. Sign and share the petition

It is exactly two years today and the loss of our Langdi Kaali to a brutal run down still haunts.  She was an adult in 2009 when she came under our care. A fractured hind leg that had become straight is what had brought her to us. She was sterilised not to deliver ever again and vaccinated against rabies. Thereon, she was fed and looked after every single day for twelve years and seven months, regardless of any condition or the weather. She never allowed to pet but knew she was loved and wanted by two souls, however ruthless the world around her was. I had a soft spot for her not because she had a disability, but because she had the trust in her eyes for Maa and me. While she was awaiting us on the dreaded 30th July 2021 morning, she was very cautious, well aware that one of her hind legs took longer than normal to respond to stimuli, she was brutally hit by a vehicle. She dragged herself to safety and disappeared. From what I learned during the exhausting search for Langdi Kaali, she died close to twenty-four hours of the hit it at a distance much away from where she belonged to. What must have she gone through while we relentlessly searched for her? Upon learning the dreaded fate she met and died without getting help, I had wept standing on the road because the one who ran her down had little idea of what that precious soul meant to us. Do you feel my anger and pain? The grief of Langdi Kaali’s loss and scores of innocents like her has to be put to good use. Please help spread the message to give animals a BRAKE. sign the petition  

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