By Mrs. Hansa Roy


Dr. Shamsher Singh, IPS

The Commissioner of Police,

Vadodara City

Shri Dilip Kumar Rana, IAS,

Municipal Commissioner, Vadodara

Vadodara Municipal Corporation, Khanderao Market Building, Vadodara-390209

Sub: Misbehaviour and abuse by a doctor at Uma Children’s Hospital, 11 Sampatrao Colony, RC Dutt Road, Baroda


I am Mrs. Hansa Roy, looking after the well being (daily feeding, sterilization, vaccination against rabies, medical needs) of hundreds of street dogs in the city of Baroda out my personal finances for the past eighteen years.

One of the places I visit for my selfless public service is on a dead end unpaved side lane in Sampatrao Colony, RC Dutt Road where there are four community dogs whom I got sterilized and vaccinated against rabies. While I was feeding them today, a car stopped and a man got down and began to abuse me regarding those dogs. He claimed to be running the Uma Children’s Hospital, which is situated beside the entrance of the side lane. He said what if those friendly street dogs whom he labelled as ‘wild dogs’ bite his patients.

1.       I never feed inside his hospital premises but on a public road with no interruption to any of the routine activities or traffic there, so it should be none of his business.

2.       He lacks the basic civility of how to behave with a woman. The way he behaved with me shows he is certainly wild and not the dogs.

3.       It is not the garbage heaped just outside his hospital or the unpaved road that collects stinking muck right infront of his hospital that is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies but four harmless, friendly community dogs that are his sole botheration. He just resents the dogs being fed. It shows the type of human that he is.

I fear he or the security deployed there (who misbehaved with my daughter on the 18th of July, 2023) may try to provoke the harmless, friendly street dogs so that they retaliate in self defence. I fear for the safety of those dogs, especially an old one who may not be able to run if they try to kill him.

Kindly intervene as soon as possible. It is not ok to abuse and threaten compassionate citizens like me and go away scot-free.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Hansa Roy

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