By Dr. Kuhu Roy

Our Motan was brutally run down last evening when she was sleeping on the side of a road. The locals had our number but no one called. This morning, she was found writhing in pain. She died this morning at 1030. It was a brutal and violent death. Motan, for every single day since August 2009 was a part of our lives, as dearly loved and cared for, our emotional investment. Are my mother and I burning ourselves day in and day out, our time, emotions, energy, our own money to see this kind of brutal end to the lives of those we care for? It is not about us. It is about what goes behind looking after each life on the streets, trying to bring some dignity into the otherwise miserable lives that stray dogs lead on the roads, that gets undone in no time all due to sheer callousness of those who do not even think twice before running down a life. How do they manage to sleep? Do the shrieks not haunt them? Did Motan deserve such a horrible end?

Are animal road hits not a universal issue? Help spread the word about the ‘Give animals a BRAKE’ campaign if you feel pained for what happened to Motan and countless like her who deserve our compassion, not apathy.

We are tired and broken.

A little kindness while driving may help save countless Motans’ and other animals who are being run down every day. ‘Give animals a BRAKE’ –

If you want to become a part of the ‘Give animals a BRAKE‘ campaign, write to us at

PS A big thanks to Pankaj who was with Motan in her last moments.

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