By Dr. Kuhu Roy

Natasha and chhutki

Natasha never had pups. She was eight months old when she was sterilised along with her siblings. Spay and neuter grants some basic dignity to these souls who have a cruel life ahead of them on the roads. Then, Natasha met with a brutal accident, she had to undergo an amputation, following which she came home. A year later, arrived Chhutki. She was a four months old orphan pup then, who was about to be killed at the hands of notorious wardens, who was saved in the nick of time. Natasha was overtly excited to play a mom to Chhutki. In the picture, she was grooming Chhutki, just like a mother would. They later on became play mates and Orange, a rescued stray from Mumbai, took over the charge to be Chhutki’s adoptive mother. 

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