Pawprints on the sands of time

By Paramita Roychowdhury

Love is a four legged word.
The most difficult part of having a pet is giving a heartfelt adieu! A loss of the source of unconditional love, one blow and you are devastated!!! The heart speaks through the silent tears which our lips couldn’t express. There is no correct way to grieve and work through this process, so much into our thoughts, our emotions, our routine, our plan then suddenly there is complete voidness and a feeling of emptiness all around ! The magnitude of grief is unfathomable.

Memories are what we are left with – the happy footprints on the shore of time which even the biggest waves cannot erase. The happy moments we shared never fail to bring a smile to my lips on the gloomiest of days. Each one of my angels, rescued Desi Dogs; Lali, Lanchu, Chutki, Tommy, Kalu, Tomma, Pirate, Pagaa and Chimpi were so different yet share the same truest and purest love which I will cherish forever. Each holds such a special place in my heart that every loss left us to wonder, “If only I could have,” a feeling of guilt, regret and helplessness. Each had a different untold story but the level of grief will always be the same, a bond so unique and irreplaceable. 

Life goes on, time brings new friends but the place they have in our heart belongs to them and always will.

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