By Dr. Kuhu Roy

Our beloved Ronaldo, the gem of our home, the three legged hero, an accident survivor, dog son of the house, one of the mascots of give animals a brake campaign, left us on the 5th of March, 935am. It was a long battle with renal failure. Mountains were moved to save him.

Time has stopped ticking ever since Ron left.

Ron gave his home, his family, a lot, for that matter, everything. He was the sunshine, the ray of hope even in the darkest of hours. He touched many lives, in person and virtual. He inspired everyone to pick up life no matter what the circumstances. He never liked to be pitied for being an amputee, rather he showed off how more than able he was as compared to his four legged counterparts. He once stopped a six feet cobra from entering home and led a rally in Baroda on three legs. These are just two of the instances. Ronaldo needs to be celebrated in every way possible. His goodness and love was infectious and it will always remain so. 

Ronaldo will return with a mission as large as his heart and love was; to give animals a brake and to accord the status of equality to amputee dogs.

As we battle this tough time and a home and our lives without Ronaldo, thank you for standing by us in grief.

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