By Dr. Tushar Vaishnav

Dear all co thinkers,

I am penning down my feelings, the agony and how I turned the same for the betterment of my as well as our near and dear inaudible ones.

I have grown up with animals since a child.

I have found unconditional love affection from them.

A few years ago, I came across an abandoned female donkey who was suffering from some viral illness and was unable to move or even drink.

I inquired with the locals and on being told that she was left behind by the donkey trader as she was ill, I decided to take her home and give her palliative treatment ,just then I saw a young foal by her side nudging her mother to get up and move. It moved me and I resolved to take them both with me, thus came a lovely little donkey in my life and I named it Dinky.

We lost the mother to the illness, but her legacy made my life very happy, Dinky was even more intelligent and communicative than my German shepherd Elsa.

But my happiness was short lived and I lost Dinky to the same illnesses as her mother. It was devastating.

Memories of her welcoming brays and affectionate nudges were all that was left, it was like a loss of near family member. Dinky’s nudges now only my imagination made me sad and also prodded me to offer help in whatever way I could to any of the inaudible friends who not which needed it.

I started keeping unwanted dogs and camels at my farm and kept on treating the sick with the help of my son who is a vet. This gave me an impetus to even talk in public regarding the way to soothe the loss of our extended family.

With friends like Kuhu I was able to help in lessening the agony of stray dogs, feral cats and the likes which needed some diagnostic help to get timely and correct treatment. I am a diagnostic radiologist and whenever I could deliver a diagnosis to any animal I felt Dinky’s nudge, and believe me she still nudges me even after a decade plus of her leaving me, She made me a different doctor.

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