Shine Your Light

Maybe years, months or days ago, you lost a beloved animal friend(s)/companion(s). While the loss is still as painful and raw, you collected yourself and channelized your pain constructively. What helped you cope? Please share your experience to inspire others.


If you have known someone coping in a different inspiring way, please share.


If you happen to know someone who has no means to the digital world or has a language constraint, could you help share the experience on their behalf, with due permission?


Maybe you never really coped. You just allowed time to help you travel through that crisis period. As you tried to accept the loss, what brought you out of the darkness?

Please share your inspirational stories of healing and coping with us by filling up the form below, or write to us at

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Disclaimer: The contents published in Bridging Rainbows are not a substitute to professional help. Kindly seek the help of a mental health professional, without any shame and delay, if you need further assistance in coping. Please read our disclaimer policy in detail.