By Preeti Sharma from Gurgaon


My first Diwali in the new house and I see this dog running like crazy I tried to feed it but he not interested in food, just wanted a safe place. He was a new dog and I had my own pets. I got him in my garden gave him a corner to rest I saw him he was hurt so applied medicine and all. I thought he was run away pet as he had a collar, posted his pics in the RWA grp hoping he reunites with his family but no one came. Unluckily my neighbors like to burst crackers too and then I saw Diwali shivering uncontrollably. I sat beside him till the time they were done. I requested but they didn’t care. He since then has been with me. That’s how he got his name Diwali. Now he stays inside my house 2/4 days before Diwali I can’t take a chance. He’s a happy boy who accompanies me everywhere and is a celebrity as he is the most loving dog you’ll meet. 

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