Bridging Rainbows virtual support group

Welcome to the Bridging Rainbows virtual support group!

Event coming up: We have our first virtual support group meeting slated for the 5th of December, 2021. If you want to share your grief, be in solidarity with those who have suffered a loss, please enroll for the meeting using the form or write to us at

If you know someone who is suffering from the loss of their animal companion, please let them know about the Bridging Rainbows support group meeting. They are not alone.


  1. Participation is free of cost, as it is a social service in honour of beloved Butter (Bridging Rainbows is humbled to be inducted on a complimentary basis by the President of Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB), into the APLB family, enlisted in their directory of services, offering no-cost support group services, putting India on the world map, as a country that addresses the burning issue of animal companion loss).

2. A maximum of six participants will be considered for one session.

3. No racist, religious, casteist, sexist and political content will be entertained, failing which you will be barred from participating in any of the activities of ‘Bridging Rainbows.’

4. ‘Bridging Rainbows’ expects from its participants to maintain confidentiality about the conversations that will take place in the support group meeting.

5. The founders of Bridging Rainbows, moderators and the participants will only be responsible for their views and actions and not for anyone else.

5. Please obtain parental consent for participation if you are aged under 18 years.


Dr. Kuhu Roy

Mental health advocate | Co Founder Bridging Rainbows

Dr. Christy Burbidge

LCSW, Ph.D | Author & Editor, FreedomChaser Books

Disclaimer: The contents published in Bridging Rainbows are not a substitute to professional help. Kindly reach out to a mental health professional, without any shame and delay, if you need further assistance in coping. Please read our disclaimer policy in detail.