By Dr. Kuhu Roy

Two very important elements of our home are Kaanu, the one sleeping on the left and White Collar, the kid staring at him with almost opaque eyes.

Kaanu and white collar

The two have a lot in common; both are blind, senior, strays, rescued and are senior dogs. The former has no lower jaw and the latter suffers from epileptic fits occasionally. That said, both do not need any sympathy as they are heroes.

Though one of the most baffling things for any dog is when they turn blind, here they roam about the entire house without banging themselves into anything. They are confident dogs because they know they are loved and wanted. They are very intelligent. Like any other pampered child, they feel that the grass is greener on the other side. Both find the left over food of each other far more tempting than their own though both eat the same food. They are in a state of constant look out to sneak into each others bed. Life is good for them and that is how it should be for every blind child who is otherwise dumped into a shelter to lead the remainder of their life in confinement and darkness.

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