By Dr. Kuhu Roy

We, my mother and I have had the good fortune to look after the lifetime care of about 3000 stray dogs in the city of Baroda for close to two decades. These are not numbers, but emotions and ties of unconditional love, with the mutual promise of lifetime loyalty, wherein every child has contributed a unique chapter of learning in our lives.


Spay and neuter is closest to our heart because we have seen its magic firsthand. Locations that were once full of pups, lactating and pregnant dogs, either have senior dogs or no dogs because even surrounding area dogs were spayed and neutered. That is the magic of animal birth control when an individual participates every day in spay and neuter. Once these strays live their lifespan and leave for the hereafter, one gets to see the long-term impact of animal birth control.  But yes, there is terrific nostalgia when we pass by those locations and find them empty. It has been the most thankless, full of brick bats but also the most soul rewarding service.

In the picture is our dearest Kaala Muh (Black Face) who has actually become Safed Muh (White Face) owing to aging.

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