By Kuhu Roy

The floods of 2015 brought Chashmewali, Damyanti and Vaijanti to our lives. They had migrated to one of our locations in search of safer grounds. With the availability and security of food, they adjusted quite comfortably. Since there were no resident female dogs, they filled in the vacuum for their gender. That is the law of nature, dog dynamics, to be more precise. The trio had a lot of affection to offer but was timid and elusive for some reason. Twenty-four into seven hostilities from the locals and ten minutes of love and care from Maa and me left them confused about the real nature of us humans. Stray dogs will behave with us the way we will behave with them. For the two of us, they were all smiles, singing and wagging their tails, while they were three rebel females for the rest of the world. Catching them for spaying was a mammoth task. In a short passage of time post spaying, they transitioned from nervous to confident dogs who did not have to deliver again and again but only live for themselves. They went about making bullying other dogs their business and brought joy into our lives with their infectious smile and melodious singing every day.

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