By Dr. Kuhu Roy

A disastrous idea of good karma for many is to parcel off a senior street dog to a shelter. Then locals practice silence, no one opens up who took the dog and why and where to and what for? One such precious soul lost to this dastardly practice is our Ravan. He got the name because he was a devil in his youth. He would not let anyone else from his pack eat in peace. In addition to that, all the love and affection had to be just for him. If others came forward for petting, he would beat them up black and blue. Age eventually catches up on everyone, so it did on our Ravan too. Our eyes yearn to see him. Is a fate unknown the end our Ravan deserved? Years of love and care has ended in uncertainty as there is no closure.


Can we please let the senior street dogs live in peace? Live and let live.

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